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Berkshire based Wedding Photographer covering the South of England. A photographer with a strong photojournalist style who will capture every moment and detail of your wedding, producing unforgettable and beautiful images that you will treasure for a life time.


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Natural, contemporary, unobtrusive and joyful. Every wedding photographer will have their own unique style, and will have a particular method of working. These two elements of wedding photography are probably the most important factors when you are choosing a photographer for your wedding.

I strive for natural images; shots showing the laughter, the tears, and the kisses as they happen. With a strong photojournalistic style to my work, my passion is to capture the day without interfering, letting you and your guests enjoy your day. After all, weddings are a lot fun and you don't want to miss any of it.

Every wedding is different and unique, and I will always work to offer you the best of what I can give. So before you make any decision on who will be your photographer, I recommend we meet, over a coffee, and discuss your wedding in more detail. You can tell me everything about your wedding, but also what you want from your photographer, the shots you would like and how you want them to look. This goes back to my initial point that each photographer will have his or her own style of photography and method of work. Looking at my style and by talking to me in person, you will be able to tell if I am the right photographer for you, and if I am, then this will be the start of an amazing journey, which will finish with images that you can love for years to come.

From the moment of agreeing that I will be your photographer, I will work with you in planning your photos for your wedding, offering support and advice where I can, but never forgetting to listen to your needs. After all, this is your day.


On the day itself, from the bridal preparations to the first dance, I will be there, photographing every moment; no matter how small, without being noticed. I understand how much thought and love has been put into your day and it is my job to capture every beautiful detail.

I see myself as more than just the photographer. With my trusted Casio watch and your schedule of events in my pocket, I’m a timekeeper, an advisor, and a friendly face to tell you that everything is running perfectly. My photography style is relaxed & natural and so is my personality, and to have a photographer (who will be with you for most of the day) who is calm and reassuring, can make a huge difference. 

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I whisk you and your partner off, to capture shots of you together, as it lets us be creative and imaginative. But don’t worry, these aren’t posed or heavily directed shots. This is the time where you can have a moment together, away from the crowds, where you can tell your partner how much you love them. These shots will be relaxed and informal, no fake emotions here, only smiles and real kisses. I want you to feel comfortable, be relaxed, and ultimately, be yourself, that’s when you will get the best images. So even if you feel that having your photo taken all day a bit daunting, I can assure that by the end of the day, you wont be thinking the same.

Towards the end of the day, when the dancing has started and the festivities are well under way, I will take my cue to get on to my next job, the editing (usually after a good night's sleep). I make sure every image is individually checked and I don’t use gimmicks or cheap looking effects when I edit, just natural and gorgeous images that will tell the story of your wedding.